Earn money from your interests

On a mission to empower consumers to earn from the content and advertising they see.


“In these increasingly difficult financial times where every penny counts it is incredible that Earneco have created a platform so exciting, I truly believe this has the potential to change the advertising world forever.  The reason for this is I am provided with advertising that is relevant to me and my purchase interests and therefore this is a great inspiration to me for both my personal needs and gift ideas.  On top of all that it’s really easy to use and I am actually being financially rewarded for the time and attention I pay, so feels like a real win / win”

Justyn Waby

Early Adopter

I was using adblockers on as many options as I could for privacy and generally the overall experience.  Then I saw an ad for testing Earneco and it really shifted my thinking.  I loved watching ads in the trial, my data is under my control and I’m paid for my attention – looking at products I might be interested in! It’s actually a great quick fix when I need a break and keeps me up to date on my interests.

Jane Pyford

Alpha Tester

 Earn from your interests…Earneco puts the user back in control

What is the “owned & earned economy”

  • Attention has always been valued by publishers and advertisers alike, it has been monetised for centuries by middle men and companies
  • The newly coined owned & earned economy fundamentally shifts attention and the user into a position of power, changing the relationships between brands and users
  • It isn’t a fad… it’s a shift that will build in momentum as more companies and users see the shift and it’s potential
  • It will become a foundational part of society’s every day rewards and reoccurring income once users see that they can monetise their valued attention

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